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RDP Project Timeline


March 2015: 

Presentation to establish Riverton Dog Park in Riverton Memorial Park to  Borough Council. Established dog park committee.

April 2015:

Received “conditional approval” from Council to proceed with project. Seek estimates for fencing, supplies.

May 2015:

Establishment of non-profit 501(c). Proceed with fundraising goal to raise $10,000.  Set up RDP Facebook page. GoFundMe account set up. Solicit individual donations.

July 2015:

RDP volunteers march in Riverton 4th of July parade.

October 2015:

$8,000 raised. Attended Council meeting to discuss moving forward. Project stopped “in its tracks” when determined much of the proposed location is an easement owned by New Jersey Transit. Contact NJT to inquire about use.

February 2016:

Received approval from NJT to use land. Borough establishes liaison for RDP with NJT.

August 2016:

Received notice that NJT requires ‘metes and bounds’ survey to establish  proposed RDP boundaries. 

Contract with borough engineer to complete survey, $1600.

August 2017:

NJT produces contract for borough. Site plan required. 

Contract with borough engineer to complete site plan, $4000.

April 2018:

Site plan complete. 

Estimate $58,000 (including fencing, ADA compliance, grading, landscaping).

August 2018:

Council meeting to review status of RDP checklist.

September 2018:

Borough committee meeting to discuss aspects of RDP related to borough resources, i.e. Parks and Rec, Public Works.

October 2018:

Attend council meeting to observe vote on whether RDP will be able to proceed  with development of RDP, or if project is denied. Attendance from RDP  supporters, individuals share opinions, letters of support from residents submitted. Council vote is 3-3; mayor breaks tie in RDP favor. 

 November 2018:

 Riverton Planning Board approves site plan and and makes motion to  approve that the RDP is consistent with  Riverton's Master Plan.

January 2019:

Launch of the RDP capital fundraising campaign. Launch of the RDP website and the GoFundMe account.

RDP Site Plans

RDP Site Plans (pdf)